Meet The Crew

So as you can grasp from my blog, I’m going to be doing a fair bit of writing about my horses, other horses, and just every horse in general! As you might be able to tell I love my ponies! And I thought with this post I might introduce you to my current gang. Now currently we have 9 horses on our property and each one is totally different and I’m going to give you a little insight into each one!  I always get asked ‘oh what type do you have’, we have a mix, like a lil trail mix of ponies, all the good ones!

img_1268I could not start off without talking about my main man. Whistler, this legend of a horse is my fave (don’t tell the others or there’ll be an uprising). I love this horse, seriously, I’d take a bullet for him. Whistler is a 15.1h, 8 year old, Australian Stock Horse X Quarter Horse and he’s a red head so he’s a bit of a trouble maker. Smart, too smart for his own good to be quite honest. He is my little super pony, always tries hard for me, never stops, seriously, never he’s like the energiser bunny, no joke. He would give his all for me and I love him for it. His dressage training is going really well, because he is so smart he picks things up quite easily, and his biggest issue is that he is tries to hard, which he then gets rattled about because he’s trying so hard, so that how he stresses himself out! But nevertheless a legend.

Next up I don’t think I should go past Whistler’s half brother, Doc. He is still growing he’s only just reached 5, he is a Stock Horse X Thoroughbred. I am seriously starting to love this guy, he has such awesome movement and is just that little bit more chilled than Whistle. I’ve been working with him whilst mum has been working full time and he is coming so far! Although I have learnt he is not a morning boy, no, don’t get him out of the paddock before 7 unless you want an argument. Never the less, another special snuggly pony!


Number 3… Is……Pepper!! Pep, Peppy, Epp, and everything else he gets called, sometimes when he’s being a lil sh*t it’s a not so nice name. Pep was originally  meant for the racetrack, but sadly he couldn’t handle the stress and use to panic and, basically, jump the guard rail and run away. Turns out he is a brilliant jumper, and a not to bad dressage pony. I learnt to ride on Pep, he was the next horse on after my pony, and he has taught me everything. He is a lovely pony and always tries hard. He’s actually a very funny pony, he always lets you know when he’s about to freak out, he gives you a 2 second warning and when he’s feeling fresh he does this funny little equal as he’s trotting around. Never fails to make me laugh!



Troopy Poopey! He’s my sisters little pony, who I’ve been working on whilst she’s
been working. Such a great little guy, he’s only just reached 4 and is a superstar. Trooper’s training has come so far and he actually has super movement for a small horse. He will make a great pony for a young person, as he just takes everything in his stride, he is super chilled and just a great little pony.


Bridger, Bill Bridger. A gentle soul and all around great guy. I haven’t really ridden him much, but he chose my sister and is so protective of her and looks after so much. And even better he’s a Waler, a genuinely lovely pony.

Meg and Noddy go hand in hand. Meg is Bridger’s half sis and Noddy isn’t related to anybody, she’s just a lovely lady who has lovely babies for us. So Nod’s a Thoroughbred and Meg is a Waler and Trooper’s mum. They are best friends, you can’t take them apart and they are always hanging with each other. Meg is, lets face it, the intelligent one, she’s boss and makes all the decisions. Noddy is the really pretty friend, she’s super sweet, sometimes not all there, but a really beautiful mare, who has ripper babies.


Digger is our most recent baby! He is the product of Meg and Doc combined and a fiery little bugger he is. Super excited to see where this little guy goes!


Last but not least SPIDER!! Don’t let the name put you off, he is so sweet I swear! Its just he was all legs when he was born. He is Noddy and Doc’s baby! He’s just turned 1 and I cannot wait for him to be ready to be started. He is looking fantastic now he’s put some weight on and is so chilled out! Seriously nothing fazes this guy.


So there we go, all my ponies. All are totally different and hold a special place! I’ve put lots of hard work into the horses that are ridden and excited to see where they go, both Whistler and Doc have FEI potentials and with the right training and lots of work they can get there. Sometimes you don’t need the biggest, or the most expensive, or the best breed horse to get there. You can do on a little horse that was breed out in the bush.We can do anything on the back of our ponies!

4 thoughts on “Meet The Crew

  1. Kim says:

    Great introduction thanks Katie! Thoroughbreds are my passion and I’m thrilled to see you have Walers in your family and one named Bill! Have you read the great story Bill the Bastard? A brilliant piece of Australian history.

    Liked by 1 person

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